Links 8/9/18

Links for you. Science:

A Conversation with the Only Scientist in Congress
Climate Change: We’re Not Literally Doomed, but…
No, Researchers Didn’t Discover A New Whale-Dolphin Hybrid Species
‘We have caught (them) in the act’: Beavers are invading Alaska, the final frontier
Underground Lake Found on Mars? Get the Facts.


Andrew Cuomo is the single biggest obstacle to moving New York in a more progressive direction
Relax, Boomers: Socialism Is Good Now
New Veterans Affairs chief plans to reassign, sideline Trump loyalists now in power
If Democrats want to get out the vote, they need to stop playing it safe (when you’ve radicalized Courtland Milloy…)
Wingin It
Maria Butina is just the tip of the Russia iceberg
Drag Him
Jacked Up
Own Goal
Much ado about socialism
EPA tried to discredit retirees after The Washington Post published their criticisms
Relax — the bikes and scooters don’t bite
Democrats need a Plan B for the Supreme Court. Here’s one option.
Americans actually like ‘socialist’ policies
The GOP Is Pushing A Sham Sick Day Bill
In a break with tradition, Orthodox Jewish women are leading synagogues
Ohio Democrats Become First State Party To Recognize Campaign Workers Union

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