Links 7/8/18

Links for you. Science:

On stuck records and indel errors; or “stop publishing bad genomes” (worth noting that NCBI has not added these genomes to RefSeq)
How Big Pharma Was Captured by the One Percent (ignore the title; good discussion of biotech-related law)
The Original American Dogs Are Gone: The closest living relative of the precolonial canines isn’t even a dog. It’s a contagious cancer.
Red, White and Blue Crabs: These Tree-Climbing, Bird-Killing Crabs Come in Multiple Colors and No One Knows Why
Spiders Can Fly Hundreds of Miles Using Electricity


97% (written before Ocasio-Cortez’s victory)
Permanently Nationalize the Banks During the Next Crisis
The New York Times Owes LGBTQ People An Apology For Its Trump Coverage
The George Soros philosophy – and its fatal flaw
An ICE Raid Leaves an Iowa Town Divided Along Faith Lines
Nine Things I Learned When I Became a Honeymoon Planner for Billionaires (raise the marginal income tax and capital gains taxes now)
Planned Parenthood’s Union Busting Could Have a Chilling Effect for Workers Everywhere
Speech Defects
How Tipping Shortchanges Workers
What is Neera Tanden thinking? (“…every well-paid Democratic consultant is happy to take a “work trip” to Paris, but thinks GotV in Michigan and Wisconsin are a hardship assignment.”)
Where They Cross, The Place is Holy
Real Border Security Comes From a Moral Foreign Policy
In Hindsight, Democrats Really Mishandled That Merrick Garland Thing
‘These Kids Are Watching Their Parents Die’
How to Make Trump’s Tax Returns Public

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