Thoughts On The Ocasio-Cortez Victory

Because I just don’t have it in me right now to focus on bad news (short version: I’m spitting with rage about the quarter century of political malpractice from the professional Democrats), let’s talk about some good news. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez won her primary, beating former Blue Dog Joe Crowley (who was a possible next Democratic Speaker of the House). Some thoughts, in no particular order:

  1. The NY Times completely missed this story in their backyard. It really goes to show just how little the NY Times understands real-life Democrats. Maybe the left-ish equivalent of ‘Cletus safaris‘ are in order?
  2. There will be a lot of talk about ‘socialism.’ I find this funny because, as far as I can tell, on the economic front (note the qualifier), what passes for socialism and socialists is essentially New Deal liberalism, and would be indistinguishable from what used to be called liberal Democrats (and the New Democrats crippled the party by believing fighting liberal Democrats was more important than beating Republicans. But I’m going to stay happy…).
  3. Maybe now the pundit class will realize that much of the working class isn’t white?
  4. Ocasio-Cortez is the antithesis of the typical DCCC pick: a gentry class or wealthy professional person with 2 – 3 kids who is very pleasant. (Less than a year ago, Ocasio-Cortez was working as a bartender). Such candidates usually don’t have much experience in working a crowd or appealing to people who aren’t wealthy donors (and those who aspire to be wealthy donors). This is a very good thing.
  5. It’s worth noting that the faux-intersectional activists and groups completely ignored a Latina who really does understand that economics and racial discrimination are linked. Also, Emily’s List and other mainstream groups didn’t think she was worth the time. This, too, is a good thing, as she can now tell them to go fuck themselves.
  6. Speaking of telling people to go fuck themselves, it goes without saying that she does not need the professional Democratic class, including all of the incompetent consultants that the party forces on candidates (and who hoover up a lot of money that could be spent on organizing voters). A very good thing.
  7. Joe Crowley’s donors lost big (and the list is a list of real shitheads). Good!

On the whole, a very good thing. And she’s smart too–this is a very good ad:

And her election night reaction is hilarious:

On the whole, a very good thing, in an otherwise shitty week politically.

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3 Responses to Thoughts On The Ocasio-Cortez Victory

  1. thesseli says:

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  2. Mal says:

    You know who was writing about Alexandra before Election Day? In These Times. I rec highly. Dem Hillary-deadenders still think the S-word is dirty.

  3. The chair of the DCCC has a very similar background but I’m sure you’re right, he probably hates her. And that picture of a dozen 28 year old Latinos that Dan Sena tweeted in response to Huckabee’s racism? I’m sure you’re right. They can’t stand AOC. Wait till Javier and Maria get a load of her!

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