Links 6/27/18

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Links for you. Science:

This Coral Must Die
Tick Discovery Highlights How Few Answers We Have about These Bugs in the U.S.
The Tragic Roots of America’s Favorite Cherry
Why We Should Save Earth Before Colonizing Mars
Here come the right-to-try profiteers. The FDA is powerless to stop them


Is It Legal For D.C.’s Restaurants To Refuse Service To Trump Officials?
We Have a Crisis of Democracy, Not Manners
The Futility of Standing Athwart Language Yelling ‘Stop!’
The Red Hen owner is right. Stop defending decorum and do something about Donald Trump.
Fed’s Bostic to Hear Case for Excluding Housing From Inflation (that said, housing prices are increasing in urban areas in part because gentry class people have more money than they used to have)
Protesters Descend On Stephen Miller’s Luxury D.C. Apartment Building
Building(s) of the week: The “shopfront” house
Fuck Civility. My First Post in the Sarah Huckabee Sanders Controversy.
‘Hold in your belly . . . legs together’: Chinese college teaches female students to be ‘perfect’
What My 6-Year-Old Son and I Endured in Family Detention
Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Who Deserves a Place at the Table
Doctor giving migrant kids psychotropic drugs lost certification years ago
For Sarah Sanders and Her Lot, Shame Trumps Civility
How Cynical Is the Democratic Party’s Support for Identity Politics? (Plus a Note on the Ocasio-Crowley Contest)
“No One Will Believe Baboon Complaints” — Racist Abuse in Immigration Detention on the Rise in Trump Era, Report Says
Immigration Attorney Says ICE Broke Her Foot, Locked Her Up

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