Links 6/19/18

Links for you. Science:

The Tiny Bug That Inflicts Massive Hail Damage—A Year after the Storm
How Pharma Hides Data About Farm Antibiotic Use
Newly Discovered Shrimp Species With ‘Extremely Hairy Feet’ Named For Bilbo Baggins
Larry Hogan’s policies could make Ellicott City flooding worse
Trees That Have Lived for Millennia Are Suddenly Dying


Fetishizing “Identity Politics” Could Cost Democrats in 2020 (excellent, must-read)
Initiative 77 Doesn’t Just Affect Servers. Why Haven’t We Heard From Delivery Drivers, Nail Technicians, Bellhops, And Others?
Riling Up the Base May Backfire on Trump
DC’s public schools go from success story to cautionary tale
Republicans Are Mean As Hell
Missing in Action: The Poor in America
How People Close to Joe Crowley Have Gotten Rich While the Queens Boss Has Risen in Congress
The Mothers Being Deported by Trump
Low Income Workers Really Do Struggle to Cover Rent
Generation Pickleball: Welcome to Florida’s Political Tomorrowland (what if all of their workers decided to strike?)
How did we get here?
This whole notion that Democrats are under a special onus to be polite as well as this emphasis on civility in the face of human rights violations… this is actually an extension of a culture that begins in many white families.
Abortion is extremely safe: But the anti-choice movement has convinced people otherwise
We need #ImmodestWomen when so many men are unable to accept female expertise
Are Americans Fleeing Cities for Suburbs? Not So Fast.
The Demise of Toys ‘R’ Us Is a Warning (wrote about this here)
Oklahoma teachers’ salary raise in limbo following historic win

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