Links 5/12/18

Links for you. Science:

Dumb tourists keep throwing 200-million-year-old dinosaur fossils into a Utah reservoir


Donald Trump gave a huge gift to Vladimir Putin, and may have saved the Russian government
‘We don’t take cash’: is this the future of money?
Pedestrian deaths soar 46 percent, insurance group finds
Gina Haspel: As If Nuremberg Never Happened
CVS to end SmarTrip sales and other Metro card services heavily used by low-income riders
Democrats in a New York County Refuse to Pledge Loyalty to Candidates Just Because Party Endorses Them
New Buildings, New Art: POW! WOW! Festival Brings In Muralists To ‘Beautify’ NoMa
Renowned D.C. high school plagued by enrollment fraud, investigation finds
Kenneth Starr Was a Witch Hunter. Robert Mueller Is a Prosecutor.
Metro’s structural inspections could not be trusted for years, culminating in falling metal, concrete at Rhode Island Avenue, IG finds
When banks abandoned American Samoa, the islands found a solution nobody had used in a century
Let Them Eat Trump Steaks
Border Patrol refuses to return $41,000 they stole from nurse who was setting up clinic in Nigeria
Is It Normal for the President’s Lawyer to Run a Political Consulting Firm?

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  1. someone says:

    Funny how they do not mention bull bars in the article about pedestrian deaths.

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