Links 5/9/18

Links for you. Science:

Should I Get the New Shingles Vaccine?
How Bacteria Eat Penicillin
Cancer Sequencing Hype and Reality
Tick and Mosquito Infections Spreading Rapidly, C.D.C. Finds
Mystic Minipizza


I’m Not Black, I’m Kanye
How The ACORN Scandal Seeded Today’s Nightmare Politics (important. And note that the Blessed Jon Stewart piled on ACORN)
The epic mistake about manufacturing that’s cost Americans millions of jobs (this seems important…)
Silicon Valley’s Rigged Game of Life
I’m an Army veteran and gun owner. The ‘good guy with a gun’ theory is a myth.
Study: overhyped media narratives about America’s fading white majority fuel anxiety
Behind Erik Prince’s China venture
We sometimes talk of cars replacing horses but really, they replaced walking
He Was Accused Of Attempted Rape. He Became A Progressive Star Anyway.
There Is an Alternative to Brutal Austerity in Puerto Rico
Bond firms take sides in Texas fight between charter schools and traditional districts
America’s Collusion With Neo-Nazis (while the author is heavily biased, I’ve noted this as well)
NRA board member exposed as ex-assistant of infamous racist William Shockley
In Rural America, the Postal Service Is Already Collapsing
Apple and the Fruits of Tax Cuts
Yes, Donald Trump Is Making White People More Hateful
A Criminal Gang Used a Drone Swarm To Obstruct an FBI Hostage Raid
Russian Troll Farm Goes After Mueller’s Files
The Case for D.C.’s Flat Skyline
The Centrist Grievance Against “Victim Politics”
Wake Up, Mr. West!

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2 Responses to Links 5/9/18

  1. Gingerbaker says:

    So, the good guy with a gun is now a myth, is it?

    Here is 57 pages worth of gun owners using guns to protect themselves and others:

  2. Gingerbaker says:

    Good guy with a gun a myth?

    Here is a review article from wiki, with references to a number of data sets looking at defensive gun use:

    the tl;dr:

    * Estimates over the number of defensive gun uses vary wildly, depending on the study’s definition of a defensive gun use, survey design, population, criteria, time-period studied, and other factors. Low-end estimates are in the range of 55,000 to 80,000 incidents per year, while high end estimates reach of 4.7 million per year.

    * Lower-end estimates include that by David Hemenway, a professor of Health Policy at the Harvard School of Public Health, which estimated approximately 55,000–80,000 such uses each year.[8][9]

    => If we are going to have a reasoned national discussion about guns, violence and what we can do about it, I would suggest that both sides stop publishing crap.

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