Links 5/8/18

Links for you. Science:

World at risk of losing control of HIV and AIDS epidemic, PEPFAR architect says
Invasive, toxic caterpillars that can kill are about to invade parts of London
Escherichia coli cultures maintain stable subpopulation structure during long-term evolution
National Academy of Science Should Sever Ties with Sexual Harassers
A compilation of conversion tools for BED, SAM/BAM, psl, pslx, blast tabular and blast xml


Facebook Does Not Understand the Conservative Grift (excellent)
What Do We Teach In America’s Schools? “Hey, Honey, Sit Down and Shut Up!”
Behind the Blow-up Over a Bowser Pal’s Problematic Rally and Resignation
Since @kanyewest’s tweets have apparently made this topic unavoidable, some thoughts on the history of the parties’ switch on civil rights.
The Turkish Embassy Beat-Down: Foreign agents attacked American citizens on the streets of DC. Can Americans bring them to justice?
The IRS System Processing Your Taxes is Almost 60 Years Old
The Talmud my students are studying addressed this topic of incels and experts demanding redistribution of sex, around 1500 years ago
Do Traffic Cameras Really Make Streets Safer?
Writer Picks Up Poker For Book Stunt, Wins So Much Money That The Book Is On Hold
Making Finance Pay
Why the co-dependence between big tech and passive and algorithmic investing could cause far more pain than most anticipate.
America is more diverse than ever — but still segregated
Mulvaney Mulls Option of Moving CFPB Into Basement. Or Dallas.
Are “Opportunity Zones” an opportunity for DC residents, or only for investors?
How Bill Cosby, Obama and Mega-Preachers Sold Economic Snake Oil to Black America
Congress Offers Bipartisan Blank Warmaking Check to Donald Trump
There Is No Teacher Shortage
Federal kickback law might be used to bring down drug prices, FDA commissioner suggests
We Work
The Pain We Still Need to Feel
Tonight In Ballard: Two Hours Hate (it’s like a newspaper comments section come to life)
The Job Guarantee and the Wilted Liberal Imagination

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