Links 4/26/18

Links for you. Science:

Big Data Is A Sham
NIH abruptly changes course on industry opioids partnership after ethics flags raised
Speaking of Evolution, in Non-Threatening Tones
Global warming has changed the Great Barrier Reef ‘forever,’ scientists say
Flu virus finally sequenced in its native form


The Status Anxiety of White Evangelicals (related post here)
Neoliberalism: The Movement That Dare Not Speak Its Name (very good)
Metro: New labor contract could bust budget ceiling and trigger $180 million in penalties
Mind the Gap: A new paper debunks the persistent myths about the racial wealth gap.
E-waste recycler Eric Lundgren loses appeal on computer restore disks, must serve 15-month prison term
Kirsten Gillibrand Unveils A Public Option For Banking: The idea would provide a low-cost alternative to payday loans — and it might just save the Postal Service, too.
The Internet Archive Trashes Joy Reid’s Dubious Claim That Hackers Made Her Look Homophobic (not a huge Reid fan to begin with)
Between Obama and Coates (long but good)
MSNBC’s Joy Reid Claims Her Website Was Hacked and Bigoted Anti-LGBT Content Added, a Bizarre Story Liberal Outlets Ignore
Bitcoin is the greatest scam in history
Ben Carson wants to triple rents for low-income Americans with housing assistance
Fired from KIPP in Texas to Teacher of the Year in Arizona
Cars Are Ruining Our Cities
It’s more important than ever that we see Trump’s tax returns
We Can’t Graph Our Way Out Of The Research On Education Spending
Former NSA analyst connects the dots between Sean Hannity, Julian Assange and Russian spies
A few ideas about teaching reading!

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