Links 3/19/18

Links for you. Science:

How One Child’s Sickle Cell Mutation Helped Protect the World From Malaria
Opponents say Block Island wind farms are causing problems across prime fishing grounds
Big Cranberry Juice: We can stop UTIs. Science: Maybe.
47 more cases of salmonella linked to kratom
Genetic study of Quebec residents finds air pollution trumps ancestry


What Happened on Wednesday Will Be Talked About for Generations to Come
How Did Our Default Ringtones Become So Grating?
“Real America” Seems to Have a Child Marriage Problem
Trump’s Torture Appointees
Here’s how Metro says it would spend $15.5 billion over a decade (“For too long…Metro officials ramped up bus and rail service without coming up with a long-term plan for how to pay for them. If officials want longer hours, or more frequent trains, or new bus routes — or a fully-functioning western end of the Silver Line — then the jurisdictions will need to find a way to pay extra. We cannot assume it’s somehow taken care of in the existing budget.”)
Lessons, Unlearned: On Deepwater Horizon, and the flawed logic of “teachable moments.”
Why is accountability always about teachers?
Today Among Our Special Elite Media Snowflakes
Condo tower approved for Boylston Street
The DeVosian Dilemma
How Betsy DeVos Faceplanted on 60 Minutes
Martin Shkreli Proves that Your Life Is Meaningless to Elites
Conor Lamb’s Victory Matters, and Paul Ryan Should Be Scared
American Students Have Simple Demands
John the Vindictive: How HB 512 Shows John Kasich Hasn’t Changed
Lamb Is A Victory For Wypipo Labor Democrats Moderates Clintonites Berniebros Anti-Racism The DCCC Republicans
Flint Town

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