Links 3/9/18

Links for you. Science:

The 23andMe BRCA test
Previously unknown ‘supercolony’ of Adélie penguins discovered in Antarctica
Five myths about outbreaks
‘People think the deer are lovely. Then they learn more about it’: the deer cull dilemma
Salmonella Found In Kratom Samples As Multi-State Outbreak Expands


Italian Election Results Show Why the Left Needs to Focus on Russia
Would You Like Some Russia with Your Russia?
How Tax Cuts Led To West Virginia’s Massive Teacher Strike
No longer sports’ dirty little secret, tanking is on full display and impossible to contain
Old North Church to begin charging admission
As giant storms hammer Boston, officials are doing little to prepare for them
After horrible violence, a community library searches for peace
What happens when you can’t afford to go bankrupt
A New Struggle Coming
What Donald Trump understands about conservatism
Why She Went On Strike
Five Ways the Media-Driven Rape Kit ‘Backlog’ Narrative Gets it Wrong
Not As Evil As The Other Guys
Trump’s tariffs: We’re missing the bigger picture
Why Single-Payer Advocates Shouldn’t Obsess Over How To Pay For Universal Health Care
Surprise! Corporate Tax Cuts Are Making the Rich Even Richer
Who Exactly Is Making All Those Terrible Blunders At The DCCC This Cycle?

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