Il Trumpe’s Budget: When Words Have No Meaning

As some asshole with a blog put it after the State of the Union address:

But what’s so astounding is that Trump is still treated like a real president. Very little he said in the speech will become policy, or even attempted policy. Why? Because his words, except for his ‘best words’–which is to say, his bigotry–have no meaning. He lies and dissembles as a matter of course. Why would this speech be any different from all the other speeches? Why would this set of policy proposals have any more meaning, simply for having been uttered during a spectacle? Yet we are supposed to act as if this speech was a serious political, perhaps even policy event, even as he has beclowned himself time and time again. As the lefty joke goes, “This is when Donald Trump became president” (after the dozens of other times Very Serious Pundits decreed previous moments where when he became president).

The only thing worse than finding out that the emperor has no clothes is realizing that the clothes have no emperor.

Flash forward to yesterday’s release of the Trump/Republican budget. Here’s what budget chief Mick Mulvaney had to say about it:

Yep. Nothing ever changes with these assholes. Their words never have meaning.

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1 Response to Il Trumpe’s Budget: When Words Have No Meaning

  1. jonolan says:

    ROFLMAO All presidential budgets are not meant to be taken literally and are merely “messaging” documents to Congress, giving an outline of what the POTUS would generally prefer.

    But hey! PRESIDENT Trump “lies.” That’s your narrative and you’ll likely stick with, irrespective of any facts to the contrary. And hey again! Not that that matters anymore. Elections have consequences, very bad ones and hopefully lethal ones for ones on your side of the fence. We’re going to make America great again and it’s more than likely going to come at a horrific cost to the Left and those that they pander to- and enable…because their continued presence is what made America less than great. 😉

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