Links 2/5/18

Links for you. Science:

Rapid multi-locus sequence typing direct from uncorrected long reads using Krocus
CDC employees are delighted that their acting director is back in charge
House Science Committee Wants to Investigate a Government Scientist for Doing Science
Prison Food Is Making U.S. Inmates Disproportionately Sick: Lapses in food safety have made U.S. prisoners six times more likely to get a foodborne illness than the general population.
Conserving honey bees does not help wildlife


What Amazon Does to Poor Cities
Contraception is quietly under siege at the Department of Health and Human Services
How Hedge Funds (Secretly) Get Their Way in Washington
A ‘civil war’ over painkillers rips apart the medical community
Secretary Mnuchin made a perfectly reasonable point about the dollar. Then everyone freaked out.
Mnuchin Is Not Wrong: Secular Stagnation and the Value of the Dollar
Facebook Only Cares About Facebook
NAIRU: not just bad economics, now also bad politics
Despite a Panoply of Programs, D.C. Senior Citizens Still Experience Hunger
‘Get out of the country!’: Navajo lawmaker harassed by Arizona Trump supporters accusing him of being here ‘illegally’
Big money is still strangling the Democrats
There’s a major hurdle to employment that many Americans don’t even think about — and it’s holding the economy back
Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board Meets With Marie Newman And Blue Dog Arch-Villain Dan Lipinski
Casual Inhumanity
The Follower Factory
Google’s “Diversity War” shows how the Alt-Right are not just white supremacists.
A Dying Town: Here in a corner of Missouri and across America, the lack of a college education has become a public-health crisis
Are integrated neighborhoods stable?
A Leadership Vacuum: “The Last Jedi” and Mission Failure

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