If You Ever Wonder Why Doctors And Scientists Get Shouty About Vaccination

Here’s why (boldface mine):

Ms. Rogers had been sick for five days. Because she used an inhaler, Dr. Greenberg offered her a prescription for Tamiflu, even though it normally is effective only within the first two days of infection.

Ms. Rogers’ head jerked back. “No, I heard it causes hallucinations,” she said. “I heard about a lady whose daughter got Tamiflu and tried to kill her.”

Dr. Greenberg tried to reassure her that the rare side effects were more likely to be nausea or diarrhea — and then asked if she got flu shots.

I hear the shot gives you flu,” said Ms. Rogers. “I heard you can get Alzheimer’s from it — that there’s mercury in it, and it goes to your brain.”

Mr. Moyer interrupted to ask Dr. Greenberg what caused flu, and Ms. Rogers interjected: “I heard it’s a government plot for population control.”

Asked where she got such ideas — which contradict everything medical experts teach — she shook her head ruefully and appeared to smile behind her mask.

“I’m a hypochondriac,” she said. “Social media is the worst thing.”

I don’t mean to pick on this woman–whose confusion might end up killing her. But this is why so many people push back ferociously against anti-vaccination tripe. There is a ton of misinformation out there, and it makes people sick.

Or dead.

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