Links 1/9/18

Links for you. Science:

Paul Krugman debunks his own paper’s praise of Trump’s war on environmental regulation
Sexual Intercourse Among High School Students — 29 States and United States Overall, 2005–2015
Trump plan to shrink ocean monuments threatens vital ecosystems, experts warn
Here’s why scientists have been fertilizing the Arctic
‘Not built for this’: What fails in the extreme cold? Just about everything.


The Good Old Days Of The Bush Administration
If Elected Senator, Mitt Romney Will Probably Fall in Line
What public libraries will lose without net neutrality
The Hunt for Clinton’s 33,000 Deleted Emails
Why the 2018 Midterms Are So Vulnerable to Hackers
The father of virtual reality sounds off on the changing culture of Silicon Valley, the impending #MeToo backlash, and why he left Google for Microsoft
In Little Honduras a Loyal U.S. Client, and Tyrant, Backed by Trump and the Bananan Republicans
Yes, Democrats absolutely should campaign on anger at Trump
Don’t get spun by Trump’s boasts about ‘big bonuses’ and the ‘tax cut bill’
Americans Are Running Putin’s ‘Hanky Panky’ Fund
Taxpayers Lose and Banks Win in This Trump Infrastructure Deal
How the Republican fake scandal machine works
Republican Lawmaker: Recognize Sovereign Citizens or Pay $10,000 Fine
Jeff Sessions’ Marijuana Adviser Wants Doctors to Drug-Test Everyone
Elizabeth Bruenig: What ‘The Last Jedi’ gets wrong about fascism
We’re rushing toward the breaking point

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