Links 1/5/18

Links for you. Science:

Measles Deaths Fall to a Record Low Worldwide
Adderall Risks: Much More Than You Wanted To Know
What you shouldn’t put in your vagina: 2017’s greatest hits
Secretary Zinke Gets Caught Raiding Wildfire Funds for Expensive Travel
Ice Loss and the Polar Vortex: How a Warming Arctic Fuels Cold Snaps


The 100-year capitalist experiment that keeps Appalachia poor, sick, and stuck on coal (excellent)
OK y’all, mark this on your calendars because at 8PM Eastern we are beginning the reading of Hillbilly Elegy (Twitter isn’t the best format, but great and funny take on Hillbilly Elegy)
Trump Justice Department Pushes for Citizenship Question on Census, Alarming Experts
No, the Vanity Fair staffers behind the Clinton video shouldn’t be fired (and lose their health insurance)
Arizona Can’t Ban Mexican-American Studies Anymore, Judge Says
This one weird trick lets blue states avoid Trump’s tax hike (Dean Baker got there first…)
Confessions of a Digital Nazi Hunter
Twitter in a Nutshell: Vanity Fair Made Bad Videos About Politicians, then Hillary Sycophants Freaked Out and Claimed Sexism
Conservatives & austerity
Making China Great Again
Trump administration kills Gateway tunnel deal
Obama Chose Wall Street Over Main Street
Daily Kos is Broken (some ‘progressive deplorables‘ also happen to be anti-Semitic. We should know this.)
There’s a third-world America that no one notices
The night Barbuda died: how Hurricane Irma created a Caribbean ghost town (is it possible to gentrify an entire country?)

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