Democratic Party Consultants Are Killing Us

Atrios makes a good point about combating voter suppression (boldface mine):

It isn’t news to be that Republicans have been deeply in engaged in this for a long time (obviously historically but more recently in new and different ways). What are the “democrats” (very broadly defined including every left-leaning activist group including this sucky blog if you want) doing about it?

…But I do suspect that if you have, say, 10 million bucks to spend on a campaign, paying an army of people to drive people to the DMV/courthouse/whereeveryougottago instead of paying ads for on the 11 o’clock news might be a smart choice.. I could be wrong!

Gotta do what you can within the constraints. If you gotta hire people to hunt up birth certificates do that. If you gotta pay people to run buses from nursing homes to DMVs do that. I have no idea what you need to do (varies by location, obviously) but…do those things.

There are groups doing this, but they get no support from the Democratic establishment–the Iron Law of Institutions is clearly at work here. But the other thing to note is that most Democratic political consultants are paid as a percentage of the advertising budget (that is starting to change). Oddly enough, much of the money winds up in advertising buys, not getting out the vote. And this is further compounded by the Democratic Party insisting that ‘their’ consultants be used–or else they won’t get money from the party. This has changed slightly under Perez/Ellison, but not nearly enough.

We need better professional Democrats, ones that routinely win close races. Until their efforts–not rank-and-file Democratic efforts that they then take advantage of–pan out, there’s no reason to take them seriously.

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