Links 12/28/17

Links for you. Science:

There Is No Ban on Words at the CDC: But you don’t need to parse the language of the Trump administration to understand its goals
Atomic Tests During the 1950s Probably Killed Nearly Half a Million Americans
Uptick in HIV among injecting drug users raises fears of a resurgent epidemic
NASA advances missions to land a flying robot on Titan or snatch a piece of a comet
Brownsville can’t afford a Zika outbreak, but it also can’t afford to prevent one


Building A Case: Sinclair Broadcasting’s Project Baltimore offers right-wing news coverage of city schools
Apple’s iPhone Throttling Will Reinvigorate the Push for Right to Repair Laws
The Black Political Class and Network Neutrality (leaving aside some of the rhetoric, this is historically accurate and worth keeping an eye on if Democrats start taking dives on net neutrality)
55 Ways Donald Trump Structurally Changed America in 2017
Kirsten Gillibrand Is Playing Her Cards Right
What Is Kirsten Gillibrand Up To? (I like that she follows the party)
Corporate PR Stunts Won’t Save the Working Class (no, they won’t)
Bernie Sanders and the progressive renaissance of 2018 and 2020
The “G” Word: What it Means in the Context of the Rust Belt
Yes, America, There Is a Class War, and You Just Lost
D.C. Councilmembers, Campaign Donors, and Lobbyists Arrange Questionable Tax Breaks for Dupont Circle Development Projects
Are Private Schools Immoral?
When Will Facebook Take Hate Seriously?
Guillotine Shirt
The key takeaways from Doug Jones’s victory in Alabama
There’s a political bombshell hidden inside the GOP tax cut bill
The Secret History of the Russian Consulate in San Francisco
The Whiteness of Trump’s Working-Class Supporters: Gary Younge

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