Links 12/21/17

Links for you. Science:

NOAA nominee’s financial conflicts, efforts to curb agency’s role draw rare criticism from former chiefs
Inside the government’s war on microbes
Tiny sea creatures upend notion of how animals’ nervous systems evolved
The science that’s never been cited
Why genome completeness and contamination estimates are more complicated than you think


Detroit needs a new model of education
The Rules Changed
Ajit Pai just handed Republicans a bag of shit
How Democrat Doug Jones won Alabama
Letter to Sen. Collins
How Secret Talks With Russia to Prevent Election Meddling Collapsed
DOH, net neutrality lives
Perez and Ellison make FIRST joint statement endorsing game-changing reforms of the DNC! (don’t know if they’re “game-changing”)
An ephemeral platform, used for other than ephemeral, and the death of Storify
Trump’s war on ‘chain migration’ raises lots of questions about how Melania and her parents got here
The Educational Malpractice of Ms. Moskowitz
People Say Identity Politics Are Killing the Democratic Party. I Think They’re Saving It.
Charles Barkley Got It Right: Democrats Need to Respect the Black Voters Putting Them in Power
Alt-Right Hyped Sexual Harassment Hoax to Attack Schumer
More Economic Mistakes Made By The Obama Administration
A journey through a land of extreme poverty: welcome to America
The creepiest sexual-harassment story we aren’t talking about

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