Links 12/20/17

Links for you. Science:

No, Google’s AI Program Can’t Build Your Genome Sequence
Extremely Endangered Tiger Losing Habitat—and Fast
New CDC head faces questions about financial conflicts of interest
HOCW65: Loaf of bread. Pompeii, Italy. 79 CE.
Birth Control and Breast Cancer: Putting the Risk in Perspective


From Territorial to Functional Sovereignty: The Case of Amazon
The city had a rare opportunity to build a new neighborhood for all Bostonians. Instead it built the Seaport.
How a low-level decision on baggage fees spotlights the worst of Trump
White House photographed at night, under snow, 1907
Michael Johnston Tells Mile High Tale In Campaign Video
Yeah, they’re being disdained. For good reason.
Roy Moore Proves Donald Trump Wasn’t A Republican Fluke
US Electoral Predictions for 2018 and Beyond
Some Arizona charter schools unlawfully exclude, deter students
We tried to find the rabbi Roy Moore’s wife said they’re friends with. Here’s what happened
School Segregation: The Evil of a Racist Nation
Let’s be clear on what Republicans are really saying about the Mueller probe
Heroes of the Resistance
Don’t give in to Trump’s tax scam, California. Let’s draft our own New Deal
Alabama, Shaken
D.C.’s Battle for Statehood Is Moving Away From the District
Remember That Time the Democrats Delayed a Major Vote for an Incoming Senator?
Social Security Will Be Solvent for the Rest of the Century
Alabama’s Grand, The State Not the Band
I’m trying to sell some of my Bitcoin, and the whole process is so terrible, it’s almost hilarious.
Democracy (or “democracy”) in action
Are Democrats suckers for holding their own to high standards?
This Is The Daily Stormer’s Playbook: A leaked style guide reveals they’re Nazis about grammar (and about Jews).

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