Links 11/18/17

Links for you. Science:

‘Mr. Pruitt is welcome to officially fire me’ – as EPA carries out controversial policy, one scientist balks
No Excuses, People: Get the New Shingles Vaccine
“Mirror, mirror on the wall
Tinder and Grindr don’t want to talk about their role in rising STDs
The Lord Howe stick insect is officially back from the dead


Green Beret Discovered SEALs’ Illicit Cash. Then He Was Killed. (so which ‘troops’ are we supposed to support?)
The Mythical Whiteness of Trump Country (excellent)
The Retail Apocalypse
The Super Wealthy Oxycontin Family Supports School Privatization With Tactics Similar to Those That Fueled the Opioid Epidemic
Donald Trump and the Erosion of American Greatness
Your Reckoning. And Mine. As stories about abuse, assault, and complicity come flooding out, how do we think about the culprits in our lives? Including, sometimes, ourselves.
The Secret Correspondence Between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks
The Tech Industry’s Gender-Discrimination Problem
Defending sexual assault is never worth it. Really.
Women in Tech Are Rising Higher in China Than in the U.S.
The American Far Right Asks: What Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing?
Why politicians got away with sexual misconduct for so long
‘If I’m stratum 3, that’s who I am’: inside Bogotá’s social stratification system
How the military is making it hard to remember our wars
Hi-Tech Profit Motive and Power Trumps Good Pedagogy
Scores of Cambridge restaurants paid six figures for a liquor license. Others got them for free
‘I’ll ruin you’: Judy Garland on being groped and harassed by powerful Hollywood men
Vinyl resurgence helps Amoeba mark 20th anniversary
If Republicans believe Roy Moore’s accusers, why not Trump’s?

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