Links 11/17/17

Links for you. Science:

Trump’s terrible NASA nominee and the GOP attack on science
Asia is the cradle of almost every cholera epidemic, genome studies show
A Link Between Alcohol and Cancer? It’s Not Nearly as Scary as It Seems
World’s Largest Beaver Dam
‘Horrifying’ number of Hongkongers take antibiotics, leading microbiologist says


THE D.C. ‘SCHOOL REFORM’ FIASCO: A COMPLETE HISTORY (reality versus the rhetoric)
“Give em what-fer, Davy!”
Philly police officers on Facebook: Krasner is #notmyDA
How to Fix the Democratic Party
The Roy Moore mess actually began with the Trump ‘Access Hollywood’ tape
The Finalists For The 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Are Hysterical
US embassy hires security firm of former Russian spy who worked with Putin
How The House GOP Tax Plan Soaks University Cooks, Custodians And Other Low-Paid Workers
Here’s why some lawmakers are pushing back against fare evasion crackdowns
Why Americans Are Going To Love Single Payer
A D.C. jazz singer started a blog to replace DCist. The site’s billionaire owner is threatening to sue him for $100,000. (Ricketts is a real asshole)
Trump’s real constituency isn’t the white working class at all
The Costs of Being a Millennial
Sayfullo Saipov’s Miserable Job
We Deserve More Answers About the Forever ‘War on Terror’
Pay Attention to the Kansas Disaster: It’s What Republicans Want for the Whole Country

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