Links 11/6/17

Links for you. Science:

How much does a kilogram weigh?
Hundreds of Native American Artifacts Unearthed by Hurricane Irma Are Headed to a Florida Museum
Top Trump environmental pick said goal of UN ‘climate crusade’ is ‘all-powerful’ government
Citing The Bible, The EPA Just Changed Its Rules For Science Advisers
Two Argentine towns were bombarded with hail storms, one like a cannon, the other like a shotgun


The Trumpification of Ed Gillespie (hopefully, this prediction bears out)
The Estate Tax
George Bush Was Bad
D.C.’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Gets Extra Scrutiny
Private Schools in D.C. Represent Roadblock to Integration
Rethink and Rollback the Expansion of AP and IB
Democrats: Stop rehabilitating George W. Bush
The Corporate, Third-Way Democrats Should Know That Screwing Public Schools Won’t Get Dems. Elected
The Surprising Revolt at the Most Liberal College in the Country
In new interview, Trump openly rages at checks on his authoritarianism
What Did Thomas Barrack Know, and When Did He Know It?
Farage: ‘Jewish lobby’ has disproportionate power in the US
A District That Ditched In-School Suspensions
John Kasich Wants Everyone to Take a ‘Chill Pill’ About Abortion, Which He Has Radically Restricted in Ohio
Steve Bannon Tried to Recruit Teachers Union to Trump’s Agenda While in the White House
Folks Who Believe in Secular Stagnation Don’t Think the Trade Deficit Is Determined by the National Savings-Investment Balance
Parole Denied: First Known Killer of Abortion Provider to Stay Behind Bars
Stop Trying to Convince Trump Voters—Start Trying to Win: If we want to win, we have to focus on the people who didn’t vote.

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