Links 10/30/17

Links for you. Science:

Many junior scientists need to take a hard look at their job prospects
Is It Possible to Predict the Next Pandemic?
Why does drug resistance readily evolve but vaccine resistance does not?
Medieval love of squirrel fur may have helped spread leprosy, study reveals
The antibiotic resistance crisis resolved by bacteriophages


Evidence in Jon Ossoff Election Is Destroyed (“People spent millions of dollars and tons of energy on the special election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district, and we can have no confidence in the results. It wasn’t just predictable. I did predict it.”)
General Kelly Should Just Shut Up
Ways To Improve The Brown-Bennet Child Allowance Proposal
Four more women accuse Mark Halperin of harassment, bringing total to at least a dozen (remember all of his moralizing about, well, everything?)
Conservative site funded project that led to Trump dossier
Evangelicals and Catholics made their peace. Catholics are paying the price.
Can Supervised-Injection Sites Stem the Epidemic of Opioid Deaths?
Jane Mayer: The Problem With President Pence
The GOP Doesn’t Even Have the Courtesy to Hide Its Sociopathic Priorities
Trump’s FCC Chair Moves to Undermine Journalism and Democracy
Regarding Senators Corker and Flake: So Fucking What?
Almost 4 Million Americans Have Anger-Control Problems and Are Packing a Gun
US police killings undercounted by half, study using Guardian data finds
Fear, Not Debt, Limits Our Spending on Education and Infrastructure
They Were Homeless In California. Then The Fires Came.
VA hospitals flooded with complaints about care
Judgment Day for Trump may come sooner than you think
No Profit in Betsy DeVos
Canning O’Reilly and other media men won’t change a thing. Here’s what would.
Coloradans Who Deregistered After Trump Request For Voter Data Aren’t Signing Up Again

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