Links 10/25/17

Links for you. Science:

Discounts, guarantees and the search for ‘good’ genes: The booming fertility business
Doctors Fear A Potentially Deadly Disease Outbreak In Puerto Rico
The Hunt for the Brain-Eating Amoebas of Yellowstone
A Faked Study Linking Vaccines And Autism Is Being Eviscerated by Scientists
Federal Judge Unseals New York Crime Lab’s Software for Analyzing DNA Evidence


Racist, Violent, Unpunished: A White Hate Group’s Campaign of Menace
Three Richard Spencer supporters arrested on charges of shooting at UF protesters
D.C. Body-Worn Camera Study’s Surprising Result: They Didn’t Change Use-Of-Force Rates
Capitalism, Socialism, Forestry
Are We Being Played for Suckers?
Why Facebook Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Buy tbh
Trump Election Commissioner’s Voter Database Is a Ripe Target for Hackers
When Is Dressing Up Like Hitler Okay?
What de Blasio’s ‘Paying the Homeless to Leave Town’ Program Is Really About
In the Trump Administration, Everyone Becomes a Liar (told you this months ago)
America’s Forever Wars
The Situation in Puerto Rico: The Roads
Sorting Through All the Laughs Joan Rivers Left Behind
When Jeffy Jeff Comes To Town
Cautionary Tale for Metro: Contracting Transit Services May Not Save Money
A Long-Delayed Reckoning of the Cost of Silence on Abuse
There Is No Such Thing As Society
The Secretive Family Making Billions From the Opioid Crisis
Black Democrat omitted from some Democratic campaign fliers in Virginia (but the left & old-timey liberal Dems are the real racists. Or something)
Selective Feminism and the Myth of the Bernie Bro: The Backlash to Sanders and the Women’s Convention (the cognitive dissonance resulting from the fact that Sanders’ strongest demographic cohort was women under 30 really bothers some Democrats)

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  1. It was a labor union flyer.

  2. albanaeon says:

    Gods. The Katie Halper article was spot on with how Sanders supporter were and are treated. Mentioning that a Clinton supporter offered to shoot me was dismissed as me being too sensitive.

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