Links 10/20/17

Links for you. Science:

Follow up to Study Section
An ace in the hole for DNA sequencing (still doesn’t seem accurate enough for SNP calls; hope it will be soon!)
In Early Results, Shorter Treatment for Tuberculosis Proves Effective
From Blue Cheese To Dirt, How Beautiful Bacteria Can Be
Trump Pick for Top Environment Post: Carbon Dioxide Is ‘The Gas of Life’


Community health centers anxiously await congressional action on expired funding (Sanders’ greatest legislative legacy might well be the massive expansion of community health centers from less than half a million to 27 million patients)
Neo-Nazi and National Front organiser quits movement, opens up about Jewish heritage, comes out as gay
Many of us know this famous picture of Tommie Smith and John Carlos. But few know the bravery and tragedy of the white guy, Peter Norman.
Small donations to Trump campaign pay for Trump Jr.’s massive legal bills
Trump election fraud commission staffer arrested on child pornography charges
How Men Like Harvey Weinstein Implicate Their Victims in Their Acts
Candidate for US congress stands by her claim she was abducted by aliens
Let’s Not Destroy New York City’s Brutalist Masterpieces
What Would Women Be Doing if We Weren’t Constantly Dealing With Male Abuse?
The scamming runs very, very deep
The drug industry’s triumph over the DEA (Triumph of the Pill)
Five myths about Hollywood
Masked and Armed With Rifles: Military Security Firms Roam Streets of San Juan (why are they wearing masks in a non-combat situation on U.S. soil?)
Why is ‘The Bulletin’ carved on a Chinatown building?
The Devaluation of Music: It’s Worse Than You Think
Birmingham’s New Mayor Randall Woodfin on How to Win the Political Revolution Down South
In South Carolina, pregnant women are increasingly giving birth without prenatal care
Four Laws for Protecting Capitalism from Itself
GOP private-police bill could unleash mercenaries on Michigan towns

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