Metro’s Problems Will Not Be Solved With Less Democracy

While there are issues with the WMATA board, Roy LaHood‘s and Maryland Governor Paul Hogan’s joint offensive to remove elected officials from the WMATA board is really stupid. Not only will that not do much to solve the non-existent problem of supposedly extreme Metro salaries (they’re on par with other mass transit systems), all this means is that Metro will continue to be even more unresponsive to riders’–which is to say, citizens’–needs.

The problem isn’t democracy per se, it’s that the board, other than in D.C. where there is a broad consensus that more money needs to be spent on Metro, isn’t accountable to citizens. When is the last time Metro was a major issue in an election, especially outside of the District? It never is (in Virginia’s gubernatorial race, which is putting the goober back into gubernatorial, the main issue now seems to be the gang MS-13. Because Mexicanists).

Transportation is too important to be left to a supposed board of experts.

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2 Responses to Metro’s Problems Will Not Be Solved With Less Democracy

  1. Vickie Feminist says:


    Thank you for caring about the Metro. I was so unhappy about the rider union failure. The stations are going to get supervisors. My station W Hyattsville is an easy one and STILL the staff do not change the gates for rush hour most of the time. ARGH. Plus of course, all the glitches and delays. But I try to still love Metro.

    Your voice is valued. BTW, did they get the AC at Dupont Circle fixed this summer?

    Huge fan, Vickie

  2. sharon1w says:

    Thanks for this post, but Hogan’s first name is Larry. Hogan hasn’t been much of an ally for Baltimore mass transit riders. He killed an east-west light rail project that was decades in the making and instead launched a half assed bus reboot. It’s not even bus rapid transit, just shorter routes and new paint jobs for the bus fleet. Those new ugly Maryland license plates, imagine that design on a bus.
    Metro needs help. Larry isn’t going to be a governor who spearheads actual reform.

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