Links 10/14/17

Links for you. Science:

Deadly plague epidemic rages in Madagascar
Trump EPA’s Scientific Fraud on Deadly Air Pollution
After Maria, Puerto Rico’s Endangered Parrots Face an Uncertain Future
Tokyo Is Preparing for Floods ‘Beyond Anything We’ve Seen’
What’s wrong, Dr. Schrödinger? Were you expecting a cat?


Why You’re Not Getting a Raise
Dear Silicon Valley: America’s fallen out of love with you
Picasso costume
How a network of citizen-spies foiled Nazi plots to exterminate Jews in 1930s L.A.
The fantastic effectiveness of the right wing noise machine
Guns define modern conservatism: force, coercion and death
Unemployment is contagious
Steven Seagal: Drug warrior, honorary cop, alleged serial sex abuser
The Insufficiency Of Medicaid Block Grants: The Example Of Puerto Rico
“Squirrel tries to hide nut in dog”
It’s Time to Rewrite the Rules of Our Economy
Every Republican Supports This Madman Initiative
Unilateral Disarmament is Not a Great Plan
Where’s Zinke? The interior secretary’s special flag offers clues. (they are more ‘nouveau aristocrat’ than Reagan’s people were, and I didn’t think that was possible)
The Growing Puerto Rico Disaster

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