Links 10/10/17

Links for you. Science:

Why Are FEMA’s Flood Maps So Horribly Flawed?
Photos: the most inspiring, beautiful, and historic images from the Cassini mission
“The Censorship That It is” – Now Threatens US Government Health Agencies (DHHS, CMS, CDC)
Neandertals made their own jewelry, new method confirms
Bold Eagles: Angry Birds Are Ripping $80,000 Drones Out of the Sky


Here’s How Breitbart And Milo Smuggled Nazi and White Nationalist Ideas Into The Mainstream (long, but must-read; they are very anti-Semitic as well)
Does Single Payer Pay for Itself?
A Quick Reminder of Why Colonialism Was Bad
Single Payer Myths: Redundant Health Administration Workers
The woman at the center of #Gamergate gives zero fucks about her haters
40 Years Later, Talking Heads’ Most Valuable Member Is Still Its Most Under-Recognized
Teachers in U.S. paid far less than similarly educated professionals, report finds
14-year-old Girl Testifying Against Native American Mascots Says Crowd Shouted ‘Get Off the Stage Squaw’
The Fragile, Toxic Masculinity of Donald Trump
Time Jump
The Lives and Deaths of ‘The Village Voice’
Why American Democracy Has Descended Into Collective Hysteria
Socialized Medicine Has Won the Health Care Debate
Congressional aides risk conflicts with stock trades
US election ‘hacking’: Russian man arrested in Spain at request of American authorities
My Crowded School, Like Many Others, Needs a Plan
When Lefties Are Their Own Worst Enemies
Seeds Planted
If the Democrats Don’t Learn This Lesson, They Deserve to Lose Forever
Congressman suggests Charlottesville was George Soros–backed conspiracy
Death at a Penn State Fraternity
Let’s Radically Regulate Guns

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  1. mikegraney says:

    Re: Milo/Bannon/Alt-right being anti-semites “too”. Doesn’t both sides keep their anti-semite faction at arm’s length? Or at least deny association in public?

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