Links 9/29/17

Links for you. Science:

Flint’s lead-poisoned water had a ‘horrifyingly large’ effect on fetal deaths, study finds
Happy helminths
Aaron Hernandez Found To Have Had CTE
Scientists just discovered the first brainless animal that sleeps (DONALD TRUMP? HAR HAR)
Most people with opioid addictions don’t get the right treatment: medication-assisted therapy


Jared Bernstein Shows the Costs of Not Understanding Sovereign Currencies
Costas: We’ve cynically conflated patriotism with ‘military only’ and ‘bumper sticker flag waving’
“I don’t normally narc on people, but I saved for years to get a large down payment to get a better loan rate, and these people are a real pain.” (D.C. should do something to prevent this–it’s not the point of the program. Attorney General Racine…)
Amazon’s Inhuman Customer Service Issues Death Sentence to Local Library Fundraising
Why Do You Care How Much Other People Work? Revisited
How Roy Moore’s rhetoric on gays, Muslims harks back to Alabama’s past
A Hospital Crisis Is Killing Rural Communities. This State Is ‘Ground Zero.’
Facebook needs more human eyeballs (I have an imperfect solution here)
No price to pay for feeding from the government trough (very demoralizing)
Why didn’t Equifax protect your data? Because corporations have all the power.
I Taught At The XQ Houston Super School
Bernie Sanders Just Gave One of the Finest Speeches of His Career
Gotta Know Someone
Want Proof that Corporate Money Influences Politicians? This New Study Has It.
Ta-Nehisi Coates and the Limited Art of Interpretation
On Heels of Progressive Wave, Rhode Island Expands Sick Leave to 100,000 Workers
Bernie Sanders To Democrats: This Is What a Radical Foreign Policy Looks Like (stupid title, very interesting interview)

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