In Case You Missed It…

…a week (and one day) of Mad Biologist posts:

Why Blue States Need To Stop Electing Red Governors: The Metro Edition

I Have No Frame Of Reference Left For Healthcare Politics

Doggie In The Window

Equifax Could Be A Real Crisis For Trump

No Room

The Democratic Party Needs Better Campaign Infrastructure

Careless Tweets

Everyone Should Have Nice Things: Thoughts on GUIs, APIs, And Healthcare

Know Your Place

What Does It Mean To Be A Democrat?

Someone Tweeted

What Hogan Taketh Away, He Returneth

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1 Response to In Case You Missed It…

  1. Molly Cruz says:

    As our population increases more and more deviates will emerge. They have not been beckoned to perform a particular function, are not necessary, and can “do their thing”, for all the world cares. Malcontents will often attack them, like chickens do, famous for pecking an off-color bird to death. They have very small brains. What’s our excuse?

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