Links 9/16/17

Links for you. Science:

Julius Caesar kept a cache of it in the government treasury and the Greeks even put it on their money. It was worth its weight in gold – but no one knows if it still exists.
Why the Everglades Might Never Look the Same After Hurricane Irma
The dye whisperer: Meet the chemist giving biologists worldwide new colors
Is NASA a science agency or a giant subsidy for aerospace corporations?
Mosquitoes, carbon monoxide and chemicals are big post-Irma health concerns


‘Medicare for All’ Bill Could Be Single Greatest Advancement in Reproductive Health Care in a Century (seems notable)
Why Christian nationalists love Trump
In China’s Hinterlands, Workers Mine Bitcoin for a Digital Fortune
In Surprise Vote, House Passes Amendment to Restrict Asset Forfeiture
Replacing Touch ID With Face ID Is a Worse Idea Than You Think
Trump’s Favorite Sheriffs: Part of a Growing Anti-Government Extremist Movement
The Original Gate To The Arboretum Has Been Closed For 25 Years. Is It Time To Reopen It?
Why Metro’s stellar August on-time performance numbers don’t tell the whole story
Bernie Sanders’ single payer plan is here. Think of it as an opening bid.
The myths of recovery: Why American households aren’t better off
Sewer in London’s East End Menaced by Giant Fatberg
There’s overwhelming evidence that Russia hacked Democrats — but the government hasn’t shared it
Robert Redford on Trump: ‘He’s Our Fault’ (not a good title, but interesting interview)
Old Economy Evan
As Sanders Prepared Medicare Bill, Health Care Lobbyists Bankrolled Senate Democrats
Facebook’s Offensive Ad Targeting Options Go Far Beyond “Jew Haters”
Universal healthcare in America? Not a taboo now, thanks to Bernie Sanders

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