Links 9/1/17

Links for you. Science:

Hurricane Harvey: Why Is It So Extreme?
‘The windscreen phenomenon’ – why your car is no longer covered in dead insects
Mesmerizing drone and aerial video shows sharks swimming through massive schools of fish
It’s a fact: climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly
Harvey Is What Climate Change Looks Like


Paying former gang members to go to college? This program does — and it seems to be working.
I was one of Joe Arpaio’s victims. He doesn’t deserve a pardon.
The Further Tragedy of Hurricane Harvey (though this might be mitigated by people not wanting to buy in flood plain after this)
Ahead of regional summit, left-leaning policy groups say ‘No’ to a sales tax for Metro
Off With Her Head: Kathy Griffin lost jobs, money, and friends after releasing a provocative image of President Trump. But the comedian refuses to bend the knee
Fascism, American Style
The Biggest Misconception About Today’s College Students
The Arpaio Pardon: You’re Not the Audience
I am a hard worker’: Lisa Daunhauer wanted to be one of the few to get off disability. But first she had to succeed at Walmart
So here’s the other side of the whole Military Surplus Grift
Four things Houston-area leaders must do to prevent future flooding disasters
Houston’s Flood Is a Design Problem
Why You Should Be Skeptical of the Hyping of Whole Foods Under Amazon
Don’t count on ‘Trump’s generals’ to save us
She eats out of dumpsters so she can afford long-term care for her husband
What did it take to finally unite Al Sharpton and Jews? Donald Trump.
The Premium Mediocre Life of Maya Millennial (very good, worth the read)
Houston’s flooding shows what happens when you ignore science and let developers run rampant

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