Links 8/23/17

Links for you. Science:

Dog, cat, and rat surrendered to shelter, refuse to be separated (animal behavior never ceases to amaze me)
A Speedier Way to Catalog Human Cells (All 37 Trillion of Them)
Biotech startups ditch New York and Boston over rising rent prices
As White House appoints pro-vaccine officials, plan for safety commission appears stalled


The Trump administration’s most prominent Jews disgrace themselves (I’ve been wondering when a prominent Jewish writer was going to say this)
Monumental Rubbish: With the Statues Torn Down, What Next for New Orleans?
Evidence of a Toxic Environment for Women in Economics (but, by all means, let’s outsource many political decisions to these guys…)
D.C. Agency Spends Nearly $180 Million A Year Leasing Buildings And Its Records Are A Mess, Auditor Says
The Birthmark of Damnation: Ta-Nehisi Coates and the Black Body
This what I think of the “I regret voting for Trump” Op Eds
We cannot forget the unrepentant moral cowards on the right (true repentance does matter)
Pediatricians say Florida hurt sick kids to help big GOP donors (Rick Scott is still a horrible human being)
Please stop asking Trump voters if they’re abandoning Trump. Please.
AFTER CHARLOTTESVILLE: Seven key Nazis and their links to Putin & Trump
White Nationalists Are Feeling The Squeeze After Charlottesville Backlash
Three Years After Ferguson, One Protester Still Faces the Aftermath
I Didn’t Vote for Trump. So I Have Nothing to Regret.
Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans Have No Excuse for Not Doing Something about White Supremacist Violence
Trump, Netanyahu and the pro-Israel monster
Texas Republicans Intentionally Discriminated Against Minority Voters, Court Rules: This is the seventh time courts have found Texas guilty of intentional discrimination since 2011 (this is what kinder, gentler white supremacy looks like)
Removing Confederate Statues Isn’t Sanitizing History—It’s Fumigating History
Before Trump, Clinton Democrats Engaged In Form Of Both Side-ism And Invoked ‘Alt-Left’ To Demonize Critics

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