Links 7/23/17

Links for you. Science:

Trump’s Pick For EPA Post Writes “Science-Bible Stories” And Has Ties To The Chemical Industry
The Meat Industry Refuses to Track Drugs on America’s Farms—and It’s Making Superbugs Worse
F.D.A. Panel Recommends Approval for Gene-Altering Leukemia Treatment
Is Gwyneth Paltrow’s pseudoscience winning?
I’m a climate scientist. And I’m not letting trickle-down ignorance win.


I’m an American rabbi. Israel no longer recognizes my religious authority.
Kushner and Bannon Team Up to Privatize the War in Afghanistan
As opioid overdoses exact a higher price, communities ponder who should be saved (‘when white people are treated like black people were thirty years ago’)
Americans Oppose School Segregation in Theory—but Not in Practice
As Media Focuses on Russia Collusion, Trump Is Quietly Stacking the Labor Board with Union Busters
Hey, Democratic Candidates: Pro-Choice Women Are Your Base
TD Garden owners agreed to hold fund-raisers for Boston — but they never have
American Democracy Is Now Under Siege by Both Cyber-Espionage and GOP Voter Suppression
How Obama’s Failure To Prosecute Wall Street Set The Stage For Trump’s Win
Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert: Cleveland’s Corporate-Welfare King
One Thing Silicon Valley Can’t Seem to Fix
Why Do National Democrats Forget About the Threat to K-12 Schools? (because their donors are the threat)
Liberalism and the politics of passive-aggression
America steals votes from felons. Until it stops, our democracy will be weakened
That’s The Point
The Jewish Question has always been, for me, a European question
Will an Expanded Mayor’s Office on African American Affairs Make Any Difference?

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  1. someone says:

    I find the remark about anti-Semitism to be European to be odd, since e.g. the universities in California are also very anti-Semitic, just read:
    Perhaps anti-Semitism has more to do with the left, since the author clearly states that the anti-Semitic remarks came from a leftie?
    Also anti-Semitism is very very old, since Flavius Josephus already had to deal with outrageous claims made by Apion.

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