Most Republicans Nominated This Judge

Meet the personal embodiment of bigotry and campaign donations (boldface mine):

Republicans of the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday pushed through the nomination of John K. Bush, an attorney and a former pseudonymous right wing blogger who once delivered a speech in which he joked about not wanting to appear like a “faggot.” Bush, who has been nominated by President Donald Trump to the the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, has made his very anti-gay views known. He also supported Trump’s fanatical birtherism. Thursday’s vote was 11-9.

Bush is married to a woman has helped raise a reported $14 million for the re-election campaign of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Both men are from Kentucky.

“For nearly a decade,” Quartz reported last month, Bush “contributed regularly to Elephants in the Bluegrass, a political blog run by his wife, under the pen name G. Morris. In posts, he drew a tenuous parallel between Barack Obama and Monica Lewinsky and equated slavery to abortion as two of America’s greatest tragedies.”

“While blogging,” Quartz’s Lola Fadulu reported, “he consistently cited WorldNetDaily, a group the Southern Poverty Law Center has deemed an extremist group for peddling conspiracy theories and white nationalism, including the lie that Obama was not born in the United States.”

Quoting a passage from Hunter S. Thompson’s The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved, the Alliance for Justice notes, Bush thought it appropriate to say in a speech, “I come here every year, and let me tell you one thing I’ve learned—this is no town to be giving people the impression you’re some kind of faggot.”

The AFJ also notes that “in a 2011 blog post, Bush criticized the State Department for modifying passport application forms to account for the possibility of same-sex parents…

They are who we said they were: bigoted and corrupt (and not fighting for rural areas is looking really stupid right now)

Update: Of course, the Democrats, being gormless, did not attempt to stop him via the cloture rule in the Senate. This is another reason why we can’t have nice things.

Update: 51 of 52 Republicans voted to confirm this asshole to a lifetime appointment.

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  1. Gormless? I love it! Me dearly departed faither was from Glesga (Glasgow, Scotland) and that was one of his terms that I thought was only known by those of Scottish descent. Thanks for brightening my day, reminding me of him. BTW, I read your posts daily, and enjoy your sensible point of view. We are Sci-fi nerds in my house, and scientists, and teachers and engineers, and deep thinkers. How refreshing to find a kindred soul whose puts words to what I’ve been thinking!

  2. Crprod says:

    Republicans want to return to the old days when safe abortions was available only to the truly deserving who had money for a real doctor to do it either here or abroad.

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