Links 7/10/17

Links for you. Science:

The hidden inequality of mosquito bites
The ‘Rewilding’ of a Century-Old Cranberry Bog
The Bipartisan Fight for Quieter Oceans
Whole Genome Sequencing: Cracking the Genetic Code for Foodborne Illness
Bacillus subtilis Protects Public Goods by Extending Kin Discrimination to Closely Related Species


Republican States Send Voter Information Files to Kobach, Even While Claiming They Will “Resist” His Demand (good description of how voter suppression will happen)
North Korea isn’t crazy. It’s insecure, poor, and extremely dangerous.
If Silicon Valley’s Billionaires Want To Fix Our Rotten Politics, They Should Start At Home
Bernie Sanders is the Democrats’ real 2020 frontrunner (I like Sanders, but I don’t see this. I think he’s trying to push his agenda far more than any kind of presidential run. Is he keeping his options open? Sure–that gives him leverage)
US Confiscates Ancient Iraqi Artifacts Illegally Imported By Hobby Lobby
The greatest threat facing the United States is its own president
Congressman harshly criticized for video from Auschwitz Memorial
As new and lethal opioids flood U.S. streets, crime labs race to identify them
‘Calling for a revolution!’: Trump fans ‘triggered’ after NPR tweets out the Declaration of Independence
We Should Romanticize the North in the Civil War
Save Free Speech From Trolls
It’s summer, and Washington smells like weed. Everywhere, all the time.
Silicon Valley is becoming a commercial real estate disaster
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