Leave Nancy Pelosi ALOOOONE!

As the kids used to say. Look, she’s not awesome–her brand of liberalism is ‘pity politics’, not about helping workers (though that’s far better than anything Republicans ever have to offer). But she’s pretty good at running the caucus and all that parliamentary stuff. More importantly, any of the substitutes on offer are going to be appalling. Anti-abortion Tim Ryan? New Democrat Steny Hoyer? Joe Crowley isn’t awesome either, and he’s arguably the best of the bunch.

Finally, don’t kid yourself: the Republicans will find a way to slime whomever the Democrats’ House leader is. It’s what they do.

Democrats have far more serious problems, like their entire loser consultant and professional Democrat class. This is just a sucker play by people who don’t have rank-and-file Democrats’ best interests at heart.

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3 Responses to Leave Nancy Pelosi ALOOOONE!

  1. kpd sayle says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I do not know why the left side of the spectrum is determined to organize circular firing squads whenever things do not immediately improve because ten more of us “woke up.” Nancy Pelosi is the very best at what she does, and LISTEN UP…… the thing doesn’t work without someone driving the train. That person not only doesn’t have to be Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris, it would be a significant misallocation of personnel to have someone like that driving legislation. The firebrands are the ones who need to be ginning up crowds of supporters to create an unstoppable wave of progressive, little d, democrats.

  2. Ruthmarie Hicks says:

    Mike said: “Look, she’s not awesome–her brand of liberalism is ‘pity politics’, not about helping workers..”
    That’s why she has to go! You need to bring back the BASE. The base isn’t voting because most of the party leaders are republican lite. Nothing changes no matter who you vote for. Schumer and Pelosi are the faces of that stagnation. And if they are the faces the electorate continues to see, those who would normally vote democratic will continue to NOT VOTE.

    The voters sent a message that was loud and clear in this past election. It was: “The jig is up!” Voters understand that this republican lite and most of the elite in charge are DINO’s.

  3. sglover says:

    “Finally, don’t kid yourself: the Republicans will find a way to slime whomever the Democrats’ House leader is.”

    Hey wow, no shit?

    Anyway, let’s see…. There’s this thing called the DCCC, and I’m pretty sure the 2nd ‘C’ stands for “Congessional”, i.e., of or pertaining to the Congress, the institution in which Pelosi is considered “leadership”. Presumably, when she isn’t carrying water for Bay Area real estate speculators, dear Nancy has a bit of a say in what goes on in the DCCC. And what *does* go on in the DCCC? Certainly nothing to do with building a Dem coalition. Look at the goddam results.

    Nowadays, whenever I see Pelosi, she can’t even put two sentences together. She speaks in gibberish. Senescence is a real problem among Dem “leadership”, and she’s the lab-grade specimen. Listen to her, and you have a pretty good idea of how Dems have been consistenly outmaneuvered throughout her tenure. So yeah, keep Pelosi on until her frontal cortex is a flaky encrustation on the inside of her skull, and then get blindsided and outraged all over again when the Dems take another big loss in 2018.

    But the deepest reason why Pelosi deserves nothing but scorn remains her famous 2006 decree that “impeachment is off the table”. We had an administration that lied the country into the greatest foreign policy crime and blunder in — a generation? A half-century? Take your pick. I know the phrase “rule of law” is just a fucking punchline, and should never, ever get in the way of Dem political schemes (which typically fail right out of the box, but whatever). Pelosi willfully negated the Constitutional remedy for presidential criminality. It wouldn’t matter if she were a tenth as “effective” as Dem blame-shifters say (and she isn’t).

    Pelosi gave Bush criminality a pass, just as only a couple of years later Obama would give Wall Street criminality a pass. Both of them did it for the most contemptible reasons — perceived tactical gain, cowardice, expedience, maybe even the hope of fat bank balances down the road. The two of them did more than most to make the phrase “American justice” at least as much an oxymoron as “military intelligence”. Don’t wail and moan about evil Trump, his unprecedented assault on our precious “norms”, unless you acknowledge Dem complicity in the rot of our public institutions.

    Sanders should take his coalition and simply walk away, start a third party — more precisely, a **genuine** second party. Dems are losers, and they insist on repeating exactly the behaviors that make them losers. Lay off poor Nancy! What a goddam joke!

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