Sunday Sermon: Both Sides Don’t Agree On Common Goals

Outsourced to Commandante Atrios (boldface mine):

In our little country, there is this notion that Both Sides (the archetypes of the two parties, anyway) want roughly the same things (peeance and freeance and prosperity), but we just disagree about how to get there. I don’t think this was really ever true, but if it ever was it isn’t anymore. The health care debate shows that one side thinks that if you’re poor you should fucking die, the sooner the better, and the other side doesn’t. (Within Team D is actually where this imagined Both Sides debate is – whether the free market fairy should be harnessed to give most of us health care, or whether it’s time for full socialism. Elected Team R, except for maybe about 3 of them, thinks the poor should just fucking die already, whether in fires or untreated cancer).

Keep in mind, the poor needs to be construed broadly, to include lower-middle class people, and the blahs.

Trump is a nightmare, but his proposed budget and his policies are bog-standard Republicanism.

And we do not share the same ends, especially as much of the Republican Party views policy as symbolic gesture, not actual problem-solving*.

*Unless, of course, the problem one is trying to solve is how to increase the wealth of the rich. Or get all up in the ladies’ vaginas.

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2 Responses to Sunday Sermon: Both Sides Don’t Agree On Common Goals

  1. Bern says:

    The earlier folks die, the lower the Social Security payout. Problem solved.

  2. albanaeon says:

    Even better if you increase the retirement age!

    Then it’s just a fund to be raided.

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