Links 6/4/17

Links for you. Science:

Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts Trouble Bioterrorism Experts
Here’s Trump’s plan to destroy the US science budget
The U.S. is the most obese nation in the world, just ahead of Mexico
Here we see a psychologist in his natural environment, afraid to share data (funny thread)
Hospital outbreak of MCR-1 Klebsiella reported in China (according to the paper, there were antibiotics that worked)


The Republicans Are the Party of Thugs and Nazis
Taking Single-Payer Seriously
Fight Over D.C.’s Death With Dignity Law Finds New Life In Trump’s Budget
Swedish double-booked its surgeries, and the patients didn’t know
Donald Trump’s War on Journalism Has Begun. But Journalists Are Not His Main Target.
Hillary Clinton is okay. Are you?
Wake up, liberals: There will be no 2018 “blue wave,” no Democratic majority and no impeachment (I don’t agree–Montana tells us something very different, but an interesting point of view)
Later School Starts for High School?
Everybody Should Learn To Code
Why the Trump administration can’t solve its biggest problems
The Unknown Loyal Dead
How Michigan is failing our teachers
Cory Booker And Jared Kushner: Democrat Received Campaign Cash From Trump’s Son-In-Law
NSA in Unprecedented Hunt for KremlinGate Evidence
How A Theory Of Crime And Policing Was Born, And Went Terribly Wrong

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