Democrats Need To Increase Turnout

Last night, the Republican candidate for the sole House seat from Montana (which is one more voting House seat than the citizens of the mainland colony, aka ‘D.C.’, get. Just saying) won a special election. That he is an entitled rich dude goes without saying, but this was a longshot for the Democrats in any event.

During these special elections, I’ve been looking at how Democratic vote totals compared to the 2016 general elections. The Democrat, Quist, did well in this special election: he received 81 percent of the Democratic total in 2016 (better than Ossoff who has received millions). The problem is that the Republican received 66 percent of the Republican total from 2016. Add that to Montana being a heavily Republican state, and it was virtually impossible for Quist to win–Quist needed 92 percent of the 2016 vote to beat the Republican’s 2017 vote total.

This was also going to be a hard election as voter turnout drives in a sparsely populated state are relatively expensive (i.e., dollars per area covered, etc.). That said, Democrats do need to increase turnout–not by much, but they need more. Some of this is policy, but Democrats–and this is something Washington-based consultants hate*–need to emphasize voter turnout drives.

If they do that, Democrats can take back the House, and, perhaps, even shift a few state legislatures.

*No idea how this will work in the supposedly new Democratic National Committee, but, traditionally, consultants have been paid by receiving a percentage of ad buys (tv and radio advertisements). As you can imagine, this does not provide incentives for voter registration and door-to-door canvassing.

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6 Responses to Democrats Need To Increase Turnout

  1. Felicis says:

    It does not help when we watch Democrats go along with Republicans when they think we aren’t looking:
    75% of House Democrats voted aye:

    I am finding it hard to tell people to vote Democrat if this is how Democrats are going to stand up for us unless we spend all of our free time watching them.

  2. Net Denizen says:

    Dems have been on the “let’s see how bad republicans can fuck everything up so that people are forced to vote for us” strategy for about 25 years now. Can’t say it’s a bad strategy, but it doesn’t exactly inspire anyone’s confidence….

    • Felicis says:

      I’ll say it’s a bad strategy.

      (1) It does not appear to work.
      (2) It allows the part to drift to the right to the point where many Democratic policies are where the Republican party was 20 years ago. Why should we go along with that?
      (3) When does it end? Such a strategy cannot be used forever – ‘vote for us because we are marginally less bad than the alternative’ can only work if you occasionally do some good. If things just get crappier more slowly, there comes a temptation to just get the worst over with – or at least sit the next one out. At this point, I have heard this argument from Democrats for the majority of my adult life – and I am sick of it.

  3. Anat says:

    There are groups that are doing canvassing and phone banking to encourage turnout of Democrats outside of the DNC. Quist was supported by the Sister District Project, for instance.

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  5. RepubAnon says:

    People are far more likely to vote FOR something than to vote against something. Ideally, one combines the two. Republicans do this for and against tactic well. Combining opposition to TrumpDontCare with support for Medicare for all, and pointing out that this makes the US more competitive in world markets by lowering labor costs, would be much more effective than negative advertising alone.

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