Links 6/2/17

Links for you. Science:

White House budget proposal spells steep cuts for public health
The last of us, Ph.D.
Fund to curb outbreaks and chronic disease on the chopping block
Zika virus likely circulated in Americas long before its detection
Monument to peer review unveiled in Moscow


Class Struggle Still Gets the Goods How do wealth and income inequality develop? And how can they be reversed? (excellent)
Trump said he would save jobs at Carrier. The layoffs start July 20.
D.C. assisted suicide law could be blocked under Trump’s budget
Police: Long-running dispute spurs 80-year-old man to fatally shoot his neighbor (the scourge of white-on-white violence)
Should We Care Whether Trump Was the Legitimate Winner of the Election?
The U.S. has a homegrown terrorist problem — and it’s coming from the right
D.C. mayor works to correct fake news on missing kids with real plan for runaways
Democrats copied the GOP’s politics of ‘personal responsibility,’ and it hurt America
Why Republicans are so bad at health care
Reporters used to carry daggers to deal with violent politicians
When students come seeking help
Visa shortage leaves Cape tourist businesses scrambling

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One Response to Links 6/2/17

  1. paintedjaguar says:

    “Why Republicans are so bad at health care”

    That’s no mystery. Better question: Why are Democrats so bad at health care?

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