Links 6/1/17

Links for you. Science:

Why the “Conceptual Penis” hoax was a bust: It only reveals the lack of skepticism among skeptics
DC is America’s “healthiest city,” but its African Americans are being left behind
Endangered Science: Can Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar oversee objective scientific research into rare species? Or is he rigging the process to keep them off the endangered list, as his critics charge?
Annie Waldman: Betsy DeVos on Creationism and Intelligent Design (as I’ve pointed out so many times, education ‘reformers’ never oppose conservatives on the issue of creationism, which tells you all you need to know about the reformers’ concerns about ‘the children’)
The 5 rules of success for highly effective lifestyle gurus (how to manufacture woo)


A Word About Noah Smith
Texas Republicans look to pass bill that could make driving a woman to an abortion a crime
Hilarious: Fox’s Howard Kurtz Is Attacked by the Monster He Helped Create
Ransomware and the Internet of Things
The U.S. Intelligence Ship Is Too Leaky To Sail
Of Bond, a bench and bureaucrats: How friends and family of late civil rights leader got tangled in red tape
How Markets Work
You will never be free of identity politics
Florida Republican operative asked alleged Russian hacker for documents to hurt Democrats
A Company That Targets Distressed D.C. Homes Raises Eyebrows
Trump budget slashes federal aid for rail, long-distance Amtrak routes
Blight At The Museum
When the Patient Is a Gold Mine: The Trouble With Rare-Disease Drugs
Mayor, D.C. Council schmooze developers and retailers in Vegas

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