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Links 5/28/17

Links for you. Science: How a Usually Harmless Bacteria Ended Up Killing 18 People in Wisconsin Are Propensity Scores As Good As Randomized Trials? Trump’s NASA Budget Eliminates Education Office, Plunging America Into The Dark Trump budget seeks huge cuts … Continue reading

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Sunday Sermon: Confederate Memorials

If you haven’t read it yet, New Orleans’ mayor Mitch Landrieu gave one hell of a speech (boldface mine): Thank you for coming. The soul of our beloved City is deeply rooted in a history that has evolved over thousands … Continue reading

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Links 5/27/17

Links for you. Science: That Time the TSA Found a Scientist’s 3-D-Printed Mouse Penis In US, Belief in Creationist View of Humans at New Low Trump plans a 69 percent budget cut, large staff reductions at clean energy office Trump … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It…

…a week of Mad Biologist posts: The Logical Outcome Of The Politics Of Petty Meaness Intersectionality, East Of The River Toby Keith In Saudi Arabia The Difference Between A Narcissist And A Self-Absorbed Asshole The Weirdest Thing About Il Trumpe’s … Continue reading

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Coal Mining Is Coming Back Under Trump!

That is, if Trump’s term lasts 71 years, we’ll return to the 1985 peak, based on the number of jobs added since Trump took office. Meanwhile, his proposed NIH cuts would cost more direct and indirect jobs than there are … Continue reading

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Democrats Need To Increase Turnout

Last night, the Republican candidate for the sole House seat from Montana (which is one more voting House seat than the citizens of the mainland colony, aka ‘D.C.’, get. Just saying) won a special election. That he is an entitled … Continue reading

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Links 5/25/17

Links for you. Science: Dear Gwyneth Paltrow we’re not f**king with you we’re correcting you, XOXO Science The Case Against Low-fat Milk Is Stronger Than Ever In ‘Enormous Success,’ Scientists Tie 52 Genes to Human Intelligence I Am Glad the … Continue reading

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