Links 5/24/17

Links for you. Science:

The Secret Life of Urban Crows
The engine of irrationality inside the rationalists
Some Work Is Hard
The Resistome Of Important Human Pathogens
There’s a hoax going on here all right. But I don’t think it’s gender studies that’s being fooled.


Graydon Carter on Trump’s Constitutional Crisis, Ruskiegate, and the Worst First 100 Days in Presidential History
Don’t underestimate Trump (he’ll certainly be around for a while)
What Americans get wrong about food stamps, according to an expert who’s spent 20 years researching them
The airport lawyers who fought Trump’s Muslim ban are facing a Justice Dept. crackdown
Here’s how jurors can resist Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department (“Nullification is already being used in service of conservative ends, and for progressives to cede nullification to the Right only further entrenches the disparities produced by the criminal system.”)
A company under Trump attack makes a bold move: It repeatedly ignores him (it’s very easy to roll Trump)
Facebook could tell us how Russia interfered in our elections. Why won’t it? (or hit them with anti-trust)
Don’t Count on the Precedent of Watergate to Help Depose Trump. We Got Lucky.
The White House is becoming more chaotic by the day. Now, a special counsel has been brought in to investigate possible connections between President Donald Trump’s team and Russia. But the most important question is now whether Trump is mentally stable enough to be president.
‘They were not patriots’: New Orleans removes monument to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee
Police Forces Are Sending A Message To Black Suburban Residents: You’re Not Wanted
Black voters say they’re already losing under Trump
Reaction GIFs are Useful
GOP leadership knew about Dana
10 Art Deco buildings every D.C. resident should know

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