Links 4/13/17

Links for you. Science:

Cherry blossoms and global warming
Contrary to what we are frequently told, we are not “losing the war on cancer”
The ancient past can tell us a lot about our immediate future
More stats, less calc
Scientists convert spinach leaves into human heart tissue — that beats


This Budding Movement Wants to Smash Monopolies
What Happened to Atlanta’s Carmageddon?
The Democratic Filibuster of Neil Gorsuch Is On
Bernie Sanders endorses Tom Perriello in Virginia governor’s race
People in DC love to walk and bike to work, but employee benefits focus on parking
Gorsuch’s writings borrow from other authors
The War on Poverty, Then and Now
Is Metro’s ‘Orange Line’ really orange?
The web of conspiracy theorists that was ready for Donald Trump
US Military Should Get Out of the Middle East
Architects, Artists Weigh In On The Metro Paint Brouhaha
Want that mortgage interest tax deduction? Pee in this cup first.
These Vintage DC Menus Will Make You Sad You Just Paid $14 for a Cocktail
Ivanka Trump’s Neighbor Watched People Protest Her While Sipping a Glass of Wine

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  1. A. U. Contraire says:

    Apparently some idiot doesn’t know that calculus is a prerequisite for for anything but a baby course in probability and statistics.

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