Links 4/5/17

Links for you. Science:

Mathematical Modeling Study Shows Why Present Clinical Antibiotic Management Strategies Do Little to Curb Resistance
Dogs are man’s best friend — but one of wildlife’s worst foes
The perfect grant and how to get it
Big data renews fight over animal origins
Bitten by the collecting bug: Arizona couple’s insect collection valued at $10 million will go to ASU


Jeff Sessions Is in for a Constitutional Nightmare
Several Trump appointees shared unflattering views of minorities, women on social media
How the overworked, unstable El just might be saving Philadelphia
MI6 agent Chris STEELE, author of history’s most explosive intel dossier, will soon testify against TRUMP
Former Obama Aide Who Helped Kill Single-Payer in the ACA Solicits Donations for Sick Friend’s GoFundMe Page
Advocates To Bowser: Spend On Homeless, Not Tax Cuts
Trump’s big new executive order to tear up Obama’s climate policies, explained
The Power Struggle At Georgetown Goes Back To A Petty, 50-Year-Old D.C. High School Hoops Feud
Democratic Party Continues Shunning Popular Sanders Surrogates
Why Did Preet Bharara Refuse to Drain the Wall Street Swamp?
Entire senior class at D.C.’s Ballou High School applies to college
Economics: Part of the Rot, Part of the Treatment, or Some of Each?
Chase Had Ads on 400,000 Sites. Then on Just 5,000. Same Results.
Newt troubles
Metro’s Paul Wiedefeld Goes To Congress And Meets An Unlikely Ally (using the unwillingness of local governments to pay for Metro to bust unions)
“What’s a white bitch like you doing in a school like this?”
Mom says TSA agents at DFW Airport traumatized son with ‘horrifying’ security check

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  1. Net Denizen says:

    The “Shunning Sanders Delegates” article is itself short on the substance it accuses its own critics of. Tulsi Gabbard IS a bit of a shill for Putin AND a right-wing democrat. She’s introduced legislation (again) that would declare most of the anti-Assad forces terrorists and remove support for them. Granted that was a week before Assad launched a large chemical attack against civilians, so maybe she can still have a change of heart on that, but most likely not.

    I don’t know a whole lot about Nina Turner, but it seems she is hoping to get answers about trump/Russia. For the article to use language acting as though trump/Russia is a non-story I have to question the author’s purpose. The article also calls Louise Mensch a Russian conspiracy theorist, but Ms. Mensch continues to be correct about some of the major elements of the trump/Russia connections (if not the details) so this also seems like the kind of hyperbole the article’s author claims to want to put aside. It seems like each day reveals new information about the trump regime colluding with Russian interests to overthrow the US government, so I am not able to take that article seriously for casually dismissing the story so easily.

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