Bidnessmen Iz Weird

Consider Secretary of State and Laird High of His Demesne Rex Tillerson (boldface mine):

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson takes a private elevator to his palatial office on the seventh floor of the State Department building, where sightings of him are rare on the floors below.

On many days, he blocks out several hours on his schedule as “reading time,” when he is cloistered in his office poring over the memos he prefers ahead of in-person meetings.

Most of his interactions are with an insular circle of political aides who are new to the State Department. Many career diplomats say they still have not met him, and some have been instructed not to speak to him directly — or even make eye contact.

On his first three foreign trips, Tillerson skipped visits with State Department employees and their families, embassy stops that were standard morale-boosters under other secretaries of state.


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5 Responses to Bidnessmen Iz Weird

  1. Hondo says:

    Most CEOs are assholes. I know mine is.

  2. Hondo says:

    Most CEOs are assholes. I know mine is. On the bright side, at least he reads. Although if it comes from only his flacks, he may as well prepare using Fox.

  3. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Maybe he doesn’t want to look them in the eye because he knows they will probably be fired later, when the wholesale dismantling of the department gets underway.

    • EMD says:

      If that’s the case, then the person who was the CEO of a large multinational corporation (basically, the most sociopathic person in a sociopathic entity) is one of the least sociopathic person (since they can’t look a person in the eye who will be fired soon) in this administration.


  4. Chris G says:

    Foreign diplomats take note, if you want knock Tillerson off his game to gain a negotiating advantage just have “the help” stare at him for a while – serve him an orderve and a drink then step back and stare.

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