Links 4/1/17

Links for you. Science:

Cancer Bad Luck: the first law of holes.
Genetic sequencing offers same-day TB testing
Obama’s science diaspora prepares for a fight
The U.S. Can’t Really Know If Farmers Are Cutting Back On Antibiotics, GAO Says
Stealth homeopathy article makes it into PLOS One where it will probably remain


The G.O.P.’s Existential Crisis
Alex Jones Apologizes For Pizzagate Coverage, Blames Other Media Outlets
New Health Care Plan: Open Source Drugs, Immigrant Doctors, and a Public Option
Bad News: The Trump-Mobile is Back. Good News: It Didn’t Crash Into Anyone.
TrumpCare/RyanCare/Don’tCare Post-Mortem
One of Trump’s Biggest Donors Thinks Cats Have More Value Than Welfare Recipients
Ivanka Trump’s Secret Service detail roiling her D.C. neighbors
Actually, Not Everything Is a Feminist Issue: And That’s Ok
Trump wants to give federal workers a raise
Answer Man sheds some light on curious glass panels at the U.S. Capitol
Gibberish Is the White House’s New Normal
Boston officials push to allocate less parking for new apartment buildings
Suburban Sprawl Stole Your Kids’ Sleep

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