Links 3/7/17

Links for you. Science:

White House proposes steep budget cut to leading climate science agency
Trump has set the US up to botch a global health crisis: Bird flu is raging in China. Trump isn’t ready.
Teenager’s sickle cell reversed with world-first therapy
Doctor Launches Vision Quest To Help Astronauts’ Eyeballs
Human health needs a common defense. Too bad we blew it. Antibiotic-resistant microbes highlight our overuse of the world’s shared resources


Why the Alt-Center Is a Problem, Too (excellent)
Is There a Business Model For Serious Journalism in the Age of Trump? (interesting)
Trump Takes on The Blob. Washington’s foreign policy elites are used to battling America’s adversaries. Now they have a new common enemy: the president.
NAACP Legal Defense Fund: More than 100,000 Alabama registered voters can’t cast a ballot
Why Not Have Paternalism for Factor Income?
Historical Atlases Rescued from the Trash Could be a Boon to Historians
The gloves are off
Democrats cry foul as House Republicans redraw district lines
Sikh man in Kent says he was told ‘Go back to your own country’ before he was shot
When Factory Jobs Vanish, Men Become Less Desirable Partners (of course, if this study were solely about black men, many would claim some kind of cultural pathology)
What Happens When We Don’t Believe the President’s Oath?
Unions step up to repair and secure vandalized Jewish cemetery
There is no such thing as the “alt-left.”
The pundits are wrong. Trump’s handling of the Ryan Owens affair was contemptibly cynical.
The Real Crisis in Education:An Open Letter to the Department of Education
The Root
Trump sons, planning expansion of family business, look to leverage campaign experience
The Curious Case of Sebastian Gorka, Trump’s New Terrorism Guru
This Stunningly Racist French Novel Is How Steve Bannon Explains The World (this is the way many white people thought in the 1920s and 1930s)

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